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Founded in 1992, SBS Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise in China specializing in R&D, manufacture and sales & service of international standards-based embedded hardware as well as related software. As one of the first members of PC/104 Consortium, a member of PIC
        SBS is one of the first members of PC/104 Consortium, and also a member of PICMG. For all these years, SBS has devoted to embedded computer specification drafting and promotion.

Other SysCentreModule
COM-Express or COM Series
PC/104-Data Acquisation Module
ETX Series
CPCI Series
EPIC/MiniITX and Others
ARM Series Modules
Panel PC/Portable PC
Embedded Computer Systems
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      SBS Linux is an opened operating system similar to Unix. It becomes more and more popular due to its reliability, safety, custom-tailoring and comprehensive functions.
      SBS established strategic cooperation relations with many third parties, including embedded hardware and software suppliers. The goal is to enable our customers, based on the reliable platform SBS provided, apply themselves to application-level developing which they are interested and specialized in.

  SBS Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
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